Chicago Blackhawks’ Fortin Out, Desjardins On IR Among Roster Moves

chicago blackhawks jersey

Chicago Blackhawks got the roster of 23 players, although one still have to go in the future

The day we have been waiting since the beginning of training camp is finally here. Day Chicago Blackhawks Jerseys trimmed their roster opening night a group. And it’s a pretty interesting combination.

Last week, I put together a post my prediction opening night list, at least from the point of view forward. Let’s see what I got right:

– Mark McNeill is off, hitting the abandonment of the clearance of Rockford.

– Andrew Desjardins does not intend to play at the opening ceremony, though not as a healthy scratch. He was placed on injured reserve. His injury is not immediately clear.

And let’s see what I got wrong:

– Alexandre Fortin dazzled during the camp, but the Blackhawks wanted to give him more time to juniors. A tough call, but he is only 19. He has more opportunities.

– Blackhawks really parted Brandon Mashinter. He, like McNeill, need to clear waivers to return to Rockford.

In addition, these four moves, the goalkeeper Ivan Nalimov was sent down as well. This is by far the least surprising move, while Corey Crawford and Scott Darling Jersey is not going anywhere.

To break moves

So start giving up guys. McNeill … I just do not know what he has left to offer this organization. He has consistently been rejected for the highest league play, when he made just one start of the NHL after taking the 2011 draft in the first round.

I was not surprised Blackhawks try to move him before or trade deadline. McNeill is a career AHLer if he stays in the Chicago system. Maybe he has more to offer elsewhere.

Now Mashinter, I was pleasantly surprised to see he did not stick around. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but he just has so little crime. And just Blackhawks badly right now – no hit and really bad fights.

I thought coach Joel Quenneville would be with a team Mashinter Jordin Tootoo, but I guess Q tough guy decided one was enough. It’s somewhat old-school coach.

Fortin became a kind of gold (not Scott) is a training camp, especially in the social media world. I was hoping he had a chance to kill some of the bums on the bottom six. But it will not be this time.

I do not think, send down there are all kinds of little against Fortin. I just think the Blackhawks want him to work on his game a little before he makes his NHL debut. Still, that rate could have been a very useful attribute the bottom six.

Desjardins was injured in the Blackhawks Kane Jersey ‘preseason finale against St. Louis on Saturday. Being in IR means they have to spend at least seven days. And Desjardins’ cap hit will continue to fall, because IR is not the same reference rate. So hurry back, Desi.


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