jonathan toews jersey

chemistry last season in the second row was beyond impressive. He worked almost automatically; and largely through the production of this line and goalie Corey Crawford, the Blackhawks have put together a great regular season. But a line does not make a team. The team did not even get close to that usual rotation of four lines from last season, and if you do not have that, you’re not going far.

Most attempts to find Jonathan Toews and Marian Hossa upscale Left failed. Quenneville tries to spread the wealth, trying to give Toews the left wing, trying to make the most of what little depth he has. Panarin, who did play a few times with Toews last season, including that it might be necessary.

“Obviously, I’m ready to play with everyone’s my role,” said Igor Panarin through translator Alfimov “I was playing with Kane over last season, that’s why -.. This is my experience, but I’m ready. to play with everyone. “

But for grins, let’s look at another option Tyler Motte could emerge as a high-end potential left wing? The 21-year-old, who scored two goals in Saturday’s game was the best prospect ahead in training camp so far. He is intelligent, he is in balance and is strong on the penalty kill. Quenneville liked what he saw on Motte, and a combination Motte-Toews-Hossa is a look. (Yes, we know Hossa could be on the third line with Marcus Kruger again, but at first it seems better that joining Toews).

And Quenneville even know if Kane and Panarin are not teammates, they will not be completely separated.

“During a season, you know they will be together at a time. But this is something that will be sorted, “Quenneville said. “The chemistry between the two of them is special. They always go (have) some changes together. Whether (or not), they will be permanently set is something that we will evaluate.”

Kane and Panarin formed a productive duo. You know what you get when they are together. Breaking the move is welcome, but now it may be a necessary condition.


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