Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- Let It Begin

chicago blackhawks jersey

Good Morning Chicago Blackhawks fans, the World Cup of Hockey is going to start for real today after a bunch of exhibition games, so you are ready for this tournament?

Chicago Blackhawks still a few days away from the opening of his training camp, and if you are looking for a Chicago Blackhawks hockey team in action rookie tournament began last night in the city of Traverse City with prospects Blackhawks headed by Nick Schmaltz losing 3-2 prospects of the St. Louis Blues.

Tyler Mott and Roy Radke had two goals Chicago Blackhawks Jersey in the first match of the rookie tournament, but fans will see more from the line, and Nick Schmaltz Tyler Mott in his next game, that’s for sure.

The big news on ESPN hockey returns today with the World Cup hockey tournament starting today. It’s been a long time, since at this level of hockey was shown to the world leader in the sport.

Interestingly, ESPN will pick up the rights to the tournament, when it’s right in the middle of the football season and all the hype they give college football and pro football every week, but in the end, I think it’s great that it will be on ESPN instead to some of the network that never does sports like USA network.

the greatest players in the world will be on the starting ice are now trying to make the World Cup hockey a must see event for many years, the question is, will ESPN do enough to make it back in four years!

Here are some links Chicago Blackhawks in the morning to kick your weekend!

Here is a brief retelling of a novice tournament Game # 1 Chicago Blackhawks defeated (Blackhawks)

If you missed it this week, Scott Darling is a new mask, and it is very cool (Perfect Indians)

That is why the team of North America is by far the most entertaining team in the World Cup hockey tournament (admitted Indian)

Chicago Blackhawks rolled Nick Schmaltz Line with Tyler and Alex Mott Debrincat in Michigan last night, and got a goal from high-power lines (Second City)

There are some unsigned free agents playing at the World Cup, and they take a lot of risk, taking a big bet on getting signed (SI)

Bobby Hull will not be present at his own Winnipeg Jets Hall of Fame ceremony (Puck Daddy)


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